Don't Sign Anything

Don't Sign Anything

Don't Sign Anything by Neil Jenman is a must read for any person who is buying or selling real estate.

Don't Sign Anything will show you how to protect yourself from the tricks and traps of real estate.

Who is Neil Jenman?

Neil Jenman is a devoted advocate for consumer protection in real estate.

Neil Jenman has been in and around the real estate industry for many years and had based his business on the timeless principles of client care and ethics.

These days Neil Jenman teaches potential home buyers and sellers how to protect themselves from the tricks and traps of real estate.

Don't Sign Anything by Neil Jenman

In the first three chapters, Neil explains the methods that the real estate industry use to sell your property.

Once you understand these methods, you should be able to protect the value of your home - chapter four.

When it comes to selling or buying property, knowledge is power.

Don't Sign Anything will give you the knowledge and power to sell your home for the best market price - chapter five.

Chapter six looks at the advertising aspect of real estate - the good, bad and ugly.

Auctions are becoming more popular these days. Neil informs you of the pitfalls of auction - Chapter seven.

Inspections are all about finding the right buyer when you sell and finding the right home when you buy - chapter eight.

Once you find the right home or the right buyer, you will need to understand negotiations or as Neil puts it, safe negotiating - chapter nine.

If you are investing in property, Neil explains all the investment traps you need to be aware of - chapter ten.

Neil finishes by looking inside real estate (chapter 11) and safety in real estate (chapter 12).

If you are serious about understanding the methods use in real estate, then you need to read this book and protect the value of your home. The difference could be thousands of dollars.